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Greetings and welcome to my second theme. I’ve been a theme junky for a long time but have just enjoyed the fruits of other people’s labor. I know what I like and don’t like in a theme so that’s what you will and won’t find here. A color scheme that is easy to read and easy on the eyes. Sound events that are not too long. A self-extracting file that puts all of the elements in the right files making it easy to install. Not quite as elegant as the themes that Vanessa Zoe or Ooh Betty put together (they’re the BEST!) but hopefully one you will enjoy. This readme file has 2 parts: technical stuff about the theme and fun stuff.

Sarah Lehan
September 6, 1999

Technical Stuff

The zip file contains a self extracting file (computercity.exe) simply run it and it will put all the files in their proper Program Files/Plus!/Themes directories.

The wallpaper comes in three sizes. Use the theme that matches your screen resolution.
Computer City 1024.theme for 1024x768 resolution.
Computer City 800.theme for 800x600 resolution.
Computer City 640.theme for 640x400 resolution.

The font must be copied to your C:\Windows\Fonts folder if not already installed on your computer. Or you can go to Control Panel, Fonts, then File on the upper left. Choose Install New Font and navigate to the theme folder to install.

I have included a couple of extra arrow cursors and one extra working cursor.

The wav files are compressed and require Microsoft Net Show. If you're running Windows 95 and this has not been installed on your system, go to this site for a free download from Microsoft:

Microsoft Net Show

To install the 'Startup', 'Wait' and 'Shut Down' screens, double click on the Computer City Logos.exe file and your logo screens will install automatically. To re-install your original logo screens, simply double click on the Computer City Logos.exe again. If you have any questions, there's also a Logos Help file inside the theme's folder.

If you have further problems, please see the Questions and Answers section in the Emergency Room at The Theme Doctor's site.

Fun Stuff

The"Computer City" image comes from the movie Hackers. The 1995 film was directed by Iain Softley and starred Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie. The key Cyberspace representation in the film was the "City of Text" dataspace. This was visualised as a Gibsonian urban landscape of skyscrapers of pulsing information and computer circuitry. The image used in this theme was created by Artem Visual Effects, based in London.

Visit the Artem Visual Effects site

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Computer City Desktop Theme (click on the picture to download the zip file)

Computer City Theme PreviewThis theme was selected Theme of the Day on September 9, 1999

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